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    16 Things That Will Only Make Sense To Latinas Who Didn’t Want A Quince

    Yes, we still somehow became real women.

    1. You knew that a big party just wasn't for you.

    2. Or maybe you wanted to avoid more church.

    3. Either way, you still got bombarded with questions for not having one.

    4. You were always told that you were going to regret it.

    5. You couldn't avoid everyone's opinion...

    6. ...and understood that you will probably keep hearing criticism forever.

    7. You broke your mom's heart when you told her you didn't want one.

    8. And, chances are, that she still holds it against you.

    9. TBH, you just preferred to spend that quince money elsewhere…

    10. …or maybe you wanted to save it.

    11. Also, you just didn’t want to be that prima...


    12. ...your primos are only required to love you to a certain extent.

    13. And you didn’t really care for all of that attention anyway.

    14. Although sometimes you find yourself wondering what your quince would've been like.

    15. But even though you didn’t get your day as a princess…

    16.'re still a queen on the daily.

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