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22 Things Only Terrible People Do At Chipotle

"Do y'all have any of the yellow limes for drinks?"

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1. Give compliments with a hidden agenda.

2. Make last-minute decisions.

3. Expect the cashier to read your mind.

4. Ignore basic manners.

5. Be cheap as hell.

6. Ask trick questions.

7. Say any cream and hope it's the right one.

8. Consider every bin a trash bin.

9. Bring in non-service animals.

10. Be hella extra with your sides.

11. Assume that Chipotle has some sort of special rice.

12. Reach over the damn glass.

Thanks, Obama!
Twitter: @Ms_AdeleChapa

Thanks, Obama!

13. Prove that the customer is not always right.

14. Give the employees a hard time for rules they didn't make.

15. Assume Chipotle has tortillas that defy logic.

16. Start your own conversation in the middle of their question.

17. Cry over forgotten guacamole.

18. Hold up the line with your ridiculous answers.

19. Play mind games with the burrito artist.

20. Ask for items not on the menu.

21. Mistake the restaurant for a private room.

22. And finally, berate them for simply doing their job.

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