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    Posted on Oct 6, 2016

    The Selena Makeup Line Just Dropped And People Went Crazy

    "I woke up before the sun and all I got was this balloon."

    ICYMI, the #MACSelena collection launched online on Oct. 1.

    Warner Bros.

    Unfortunately, the MAC servers crashed due to overwhelming numbers…

    …and people were not pleased.

    Some were *this* close to achieving true happiness…

    …while others couldn’t even get to their carts.

    There were even unfortunate souls who had their orders canceled!

    So it’s understandable that those who didn’t have success online have a lot riding on the in-store release Oct. 6.

    And that means being prepared down to the last detail.

    As of last night, there were even significant others waiting in line for the release.

    zamora914 / Via


    And of course the lines only got worse from there...

    makeupby_juan / Via

    ...much worse.

    aribeaux / Via

    With some people waking up early to get in line.

    And others deciding to camp out instead.

    Some moms proved that they're truly the real MVPs.

    And others decided to take matters into their own hands.

    And while it may seem impossible, there were people who did succeed in buying MAC Selena products.

    rubydw / Via

    Although some were much more successful than others...

    yubisaa / Via’s clear that getting all (or even some) of the MAC Selena collection will be difficult.

    Anything for Selenas. ❤️

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