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Four Questions You Should Never Ask A Recent College Graduate

We thought we were done taking exams. Why would you do this to us?

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You did it! It finally happened! You graduated college!

No more Finals! No more classes! You are ready to celebrate and GTFO

Life is fantastic...and then you encounter people that ask the following questions:

1. "So, what are you going to do now?"


Implying that I wasn't doing anything before?

2. "Have you been applying to places?"


If you say yes, it shows no one's hired you. If you say no, then it looks like you've been wasting time. There is no right answer here, I'm convinced.

3. "Have you had any internships?"


You said it Dylan.

4. "Ready for the real world?"/"Ready for a real job?"


Because apparently everything before your graduation was either imaginary or fake. Now is when things get "real".

(Although, I don't think anyone would mind if Bey asked.)

And you can't help but say



So you brush off their questions


Because we should all embrace our inner Tom Haverford every once in a while.

But then you find yourself actually missing college?!

You spent so much time and effort trying to get out of there!

But...maybe it wasn't so bad? Seeing your friends all of the time, setting your own schedule, partying on weekdays...

But you're still glad to be done with exams, homework, classes, etc.

So you start to rehearse answers for the inevitable questions

While still wishing that people wouldn't ask those questions

Because, believe or not, these are topics already on our minds

And we know you mean no ill will in asking, but

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