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Chris Pratt Held A Contest To Make His Facebook Header And The Entries Are Hilarious

More like Jurassic ART, amirite?

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So on Friday, he posted this message on Facebook:

Facebook: PrattPrattPratt

He wrote, "Whoever replies with the best header will have the honor of it being my official header," because he doesn't know Photoshop, and he wants to give fans a chance to be noticed. WHAT A GUY.


In case you didn't read his post in full, here are some vital rules Chris Pratt wants you to follow:

1. Make sure it will fit the size of a normal Facebook header (1" tall x 3.5" wide, according to Mr. Pratt.)

2. Make sure your signature is big enough on the artwork so that he knows it's yours.

3. Include characters he has played: Peter Quill/Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy, Owen Grady from Jurassic World, Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec, and Emmet from The LEGO Movie.

4. And include other awesome things he suggested, like his family, anything Sylvester Stallone, American flags, guns, "cool Ford Raptors,"and anything that "looks badass." BECAUSE HE SAID.


He posted again on Friday evening, announcing the deadline, and confirming that HE, CHRIS PRATT HIMSELF, has been looking at every single submission.

Facebook: PrattPrattPratt
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