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April Ludgate Explains What It's Like Being A Twentysomething

Turns out that convincing small children you're a witch is much easier than maneuvering the Twentysomething world.

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You've finally broken out of your teens and you're like


Because there's nothing exciting about turning 20 and now you're expected to be an "adult".

But wait, you still have the rest of college to figure things out right?


So you relax, figuring that everything will come together by the time you graduate.

...But then you graduate, sans plan.


There's no way time went by that fast.

Then you think back to college and realize


For your time-accelerating properties.

So now you're graduated and lost, thinking


But no, it's just adulthood.

You figure you should look for jobs, but


So job hunting is hard.

And, truly

But when you're in an interview, you bet your bottom you're like


No really, I have a huge passion for retail and I'm not just doing this because I need money.

Even though the whole time you're thinking


But what else can you do? All college taught you was

So you keep trying to "adult", demanding respect

But you are so over the job hunt


I thought having a college degree was supposed to make this easier?!

And at every interview you keep thinking


I'm supposed to have 2 years of experience for an unpaid internship?

And it feels like everyone (except you) has their shi* together


They're telling you everything they've learned so far outside of college.

But you're over here like

Trying to class up your act

But in reality, you know

Except there are no job openings for wizards, so you decide to look at your other interests


After all, your 20s are a time to get to know yourself.

You end up landing a job, and it's not your dream job, but it's a start. So you celebrate

No more job interviews (and job interview clothing) for a while!

You start to realize that nobody really has it all together and sometimes your friends even come to you for advice


Which they should've been doing, because you give the best advice.

So sometimes your job gets tedious and you have a boss that tries too hard to relate

But you're okay with it, because you're starting to enjoy where you're at and who you are


And maybe you're not in the most mature relationship like your friends

But there's no rule saying you must be in a serious relationship by the time you hit 20something.

But there's no rule saying you must be in a serious relationship by the time you hit 20something.

Or maybe you're not in a relationship at all, for whatever reason


And that's okay too!

So you deal with the fact that it feels like everyone around you is either engaged or getting married


Well, deal with it in your own way of course.

And you end up learning that no one really has their 20s figured out


Also that comparing yourself to others is one of the worst things you can do.

So even though you're 20something and overwhelmed at times, you're a classy lady


And you're going to be more than okay.

Aubrey Plaza thinks so too.

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