Why You Shouldn't Buy (Super) Cheap Pinot Noir

    Pinot noir is popular, delicious, and so frustratingly expensive. How cheap is too cheap?

    Meet pinot noir.

    Pinot is a total diva.

    Pinot noir grapes have thin skins.

    ...which makes them susceptible to pests, rot, and sunburn.

    Smaller producers often have better luck making pinot...

    Because they can coddle it.

    But being produced by boutique producers makes pinot noir more expensive.

    As did being praised by a popular motion picture.

    In fact, some pinot noirs are the most expensive wines in the world.

    Pinot knows she's worth the money, though.

    Because if treated right, she turns out delicate and complex.

    Her complex flavors develop best in particular climates with warm days and cool nights.

    Cheap pinots won't usually have the qualities that truly define pinot noir.

    As a rule of thumb, don't bother spending less than $15 on a Pinot noir.

    If you want to spend $15 or less, try these wines instead.

    You can get decent Pinots starting around $17.

    But pinot works best as a special occasion or splurge wine!

    But be warned: Once you fall for good pinot, you may never go back.