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9 Feature Stories We're Reading This Week: Greek Neo Nazis, Barack Obama, And Swingers

This week for BuzzReads, Dorian Lynskey discusses the implications of the murder of a Greek rapper by a member of their Neo-Nazi party. Read that and these other stories from around BuzzFeed and the web.

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1. Kill the Past: Did A Rapper’s Murder Bring Down Greece’s Neo-Nazi Party? — BuzzFeed

Aris Messinis / AFP / Getty Images

In September, a rapper known as Killah P was stabbed to death on a busy Athens street by a member of Golden Dawn, Greece’s thriving fascist party. For a country torn apart for years by nationalist violence and economic austerity, this was either a breaking point or the beginning of a whole new wave of trouble. Read it at BuzzFeed.

2. Going the DistanceNew Yorker

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters / Reuters

A long but interesting profile of Barack Obama. Spending time with the president in his plane, car and at events, David Remnick wonders, in light of the difficulties he faced in 2013 especially, will Obama be a figure history remembers? Read it at The New Yorker

3. This is Danny Pearl's Final StoryWashingtonian

A must-read essay by journalist Asra Nomani, whose colleague and friend, Daniel Pearl, was kidnaped and beheaded in Pakistan. After a decade of searching, she finally got the opportunity to see his killer — at a Guantanamo tribunal. Read it at Washingtonian.

4. The Sordid End of David MeggettSB Nation

Getty Images / Via

A disturbing account of how a former NFL player became a serial rapist: "Perhaps his womanizing had been darker than previously thought, less the excesses of a charming, young athlete who could sweet talk girls and more of a compulsion." Read it at SB Nation.


6. The Secret Double of Life of Mister Cee, Hip-Hop's Most Beloved DJGQ

Zach Baron profiles the influential New York hip-hop radio personality a few months after the DJ sort of, and not totally willingly, came out: "He intends to talk about all of it — the arrests, the double life, the women whom he'd loved, the weekends he'd drive up and down Christopher Street and the strangers he'd pick up there and pay for oral sex, the lies he told and then apologized for telling, the job he quit, live on air, and then reclaimed the next day." Read it at GQ.

7. We Kill Ourselves Because We Are HauntedGuernica

Flickr / / Creative Commons

An excerpt from Jen Percy's debut book Demon Camp, about veterans with PTSD who seek exorcisms: "I wanted to talk to veterans and the families of veterans for the same reason that many were telling me I could not talk to them. That as soon as we say words like PTSD or trauma we have permission to ignore the problem because we think we understand it." Read it at Guernica.

8. Sad YouTube: The Lost Treasures Of The Internet’s Greatest Cesspool — BuzzFeed

Illustration by Adam Setala for BuzzFeed

Mark Slutsky writes that buried deep within the internet’s most notorious comment section lies a treasure trove of personal stories that prove the power of pop music better than any video ever could. Read it at BuzzFeed.