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16 Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Small Living Space

Pro tip: hang EVERYTHING.

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2. Hang your photos like this so that you don't need picture frames — and simultaneously make visitors think you're trying to solve a murder.,

Learn how to make this at The Caldwell Project. All you need are nails, string, and pliers to hang the pictures. If you can't put nails in your walls, arrange your photo web on a piece of cork board.

3. Plus, you can make yourself a storage ottoman out of wooden crates.


5. And invest in a cable and cord organizer to keep things as neat as possible.


9. And, if you're up for a challenge, make yourself a Murphy desk that also doubles as a storage unit.

If you have a very tiny room, this desk is the perf solution for managing that precious space. Learn how to make it here.


13. Find a way to customize your lamp so that you at least have something nice to look at during all those study sessions.

14. Make your own headboard with cardboard and fabric:

A surefire way to make your entire room look a little more ~adult~ is a headboard. Here's a DIY tutorial to make it yourself.

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