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    Mar 6, 2018

    16 Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Small Living Space

    Pro tip: hang EVERYTHING.


    1. First, use an under bed storage unit to keep your shoes organized and out of the way.

    Here's a good DIY guide on how to make your own, too.

    2. Hang your photos like this so that you don't need picture frames — and simultaneously make visitors think you're trying to solve a murder.,

    Learn how to make this at The Caldwell Project. All you need are nails, string, and pliers to hang the pictures. If you can't put nails in your walls, arrange your photo web on a piece of cork board.

    3. Plus, you can make yourself a storage ottoman out of wooden crates.

    Or leave the cushion out, and just use it as a small coffee table. Here's the full DIY guide.

    4. Use a pallet to elevate your bed and add ~levels~ to the room.

    5. And invest in a cable and cord organizer to keep things as neat as possible.

    6. If you've got bare bulbs but don't want to spring for fancy lights, you can make these hemp pendant lamps all on your own:

    Learn how at Craftynest.

    7. Decorate your wall (and keep your life organized) with this cool calendar idea, made out of paint chips.

    Here's how to make it.

    8. To add an extra fancy factor, make your own bed canopy:

    You'll feel like the Queen of England when you're asleep, and its' also a good way to cover up an unmade bed. Learn to make it by following this tutorial.

    9. And, if you're up for a challenge, make yourself a Murphy desk that also doubles as a storage unit.

    If you have a very tiny room, this desk is the perf solution for managing that precious space. Learn how to make it here.

    10. You can also double the space in your closet using those soda tabs:

    Literally the easiest and cheapest way to multiply space in your closet.

    11. Use wall hooks to hang planters for an easy and cheap way to store random things.

    12. Add a mirror, and make it cute!

    Mirrors will always make any room seem bigger. If you want to make a DIY tile frame for it, check out this tutorial here.

    13. Find a way to customize your lamp so that you at least have something nice to look at during all those study sessions.

    Use paint or decorative tape to spice it up, even just a little. You'll notice the difference.

    14. Make your own headboard with cardboard and fabric:

    A surefire way to make your entire room look a little more ~adult~ is a headboard. Here's a DIY tutorial to make it yourself.

    15. Create your own throw pillows using old shirts:

    Find a tutorial for making your own pillow covers here.

    16. And, finally, find or make a hanging basket to keep all of your laundry.

    Learn how to make one yourself here.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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