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10 Ways To Beat Post-Travel Blues

You’ve been on the most incredible travelling trip and whilst yes, you are exceptionally excited to return home to those that you love; you can’t shake this feeling of discombobulation, this dulling feeling that something is missing. People probably won’t have a lot of sympathy for you; as far as they’re concerned, you’ve been living the high life, laughing and catching the sun while they have been mundanely plodding in circles of repetitive tasks and daily chores. So how do you settle back into what appears to be a world of grey in comparison to the colourfully vivid travelling world you’ve left behind? Here are 10 tips!

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1. Make Art

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Don’t just bore your loved ones with chit chat; weave your memories in a creative output. Create collages if you are artistically minded or if you kept a journal on your travels, you might want to try your hand at travel writing? Set up a blog so you can simultaneously re-live all your best moments and inspire others.

2. Be a tourist in your own town

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Often people seek change and excitement without truly appreciated where they actually are. We live our day to day lives, rushing around, and sometimes don’t realise what is in front of our very eyes. Why not try walking a different route to work? Step out without internet satellite technology and allow yourself to get lost? Slow down and focus on all the little details; the colours, sounds. You’ll see your hometown through completely different eyes.

3. Take shorter trips closer to home

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Although it definitely would be nice, taking a journey doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take a long haul plane flight to a far-away exotic destination. Your wanderlust, and your bank account, will both thank you for trips slightly nearer to home. Complacency creeps up on us early in life and people start to believe that just because they live in a country, it means that they know it. The likelihood is, you probably know the city that you live in, and nothing more further a-field. There are a lot of adventures to be had!

4. Immediately start saving

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It might be hard initially to do this if you don’t have a job to return back to, however starting to save as soon as you can is beneficial. Just by putting away small amounts each month, or even your loose change, will start to add up over time, your funds growing simultaneously with the familiar anticipation buzz felt ahead of a new adventure.

5. Cry if you need to

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Your travels might seem superficial to others but to you, it was at the absolute forefront of your mind and it was the most important thing in your whole world. It was all you had to worry about. It’s okay to feel upset that it’s over, but don’t let misery consume you. Let your tears fall, then dust yourself off and carry on. On to the next escapade!

6. Switch straight back to your current time-zone

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With jet-lag comes a confusing period where days and time seem to all merge into one confusing dreamy haze. The best thing to do when travelling through time-zones is to attack it straight on and make an instantaneous switch, be it before you return home or upon your arrival. It will be tough, but it gives your body no chance to question where in the world you are. You are consciously making that decision for it. In the long-run it’ll reduce the length of time you are likely to experience the fatigued, groggy stress that comes with time difference.

7. Take up a hobby

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A language class is an excellent way to re-immerse yourself back into the culture you have left and that way when you re-visit you will be able to present your new found fluency effectively – the locals and your host-country friends will love it! Any hobby is great to do though. It gives you something constructive to focus on, and gives your mind less time to feel sad.

8. Unpack

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Whilst it may seem like the most long and arduous task, this is something that should not require procrastination. If you leave it too long, you’ll find yourself tripping and hurdling your over spilling rucksack for weeks, and laziness will set in. Additionally, you will find it takes twice as long to find specific items as you will have to rummage through the big pile of belongings strewn everywhere. Once you put everything away you will become instantly calmer and more in control.

9. Read about it

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Literature is a form of escapism, the words coming to life in your mind, transporting you to far away destinations. Reading about your recently departed city or country can act as a portal and allow you to walk familiar streets. Reading about new locations opens your heart to other cultures.

10. Find a job that involves travel in some capacity

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With wanderlust comes an undescribed irritability and an urge to move around, often to different locations. If you want to travel, you don’t have to necessarily quit your job or drain your bank account dry. You may be able to find a job in a company that has branches around the world and allows you to transfer internally to another office. Teaching is a very common field; you can gain a TEFL qualification which allows you to Teach English as a Foreign Language all around the world. Teaching, Marketing and Events Coordination are among a long list of opportunities that allow you to rack up air miles, get researching; maybe your company will allow you to as well!

It's completely natural to feel blue sometimes, even after returning from an incredible holiday! But instead of wallowing in self-pity and despair, channel that energy and start planning for your next adventure. You can volunteer all around the world & even get paid for it!

By Rebecca MacDonald-Taylor

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