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Posted on Sep 29, 2015

When God Closes A Door, He Opens A Window.

Does God think windows and doors are the same thing?

Dan Meth/BuzzFeed

All of these windows and doors raise a lot of questions:

  1. Does God think a window and a door are the same thing?

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Does God think a window and a door are the same thing?
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    Yes. Because He can fly.
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    No. He wants to keep you in that room forever but He wants to you have a nice breeze.

2. Why did God close that door in the first place if He was just going to open a window anyway?

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

3. Does this also apply to all types of doors?

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• If God closes a car door, does He open a car window?

• If God closes an airplane door, does He open an airplane window?

• If God closes an oven door, does He at least turn the oven light on so you can see inside?

Finally, an incomplete list of things that God opens and closes:

• When God closes an Arby's, He opens a Taco Bell.

• When God closes a diary, He puts it back exactly how He found it, so no one realizes He was reading it.

• When God closes a bathroom door, He always locks it. Not because He'd be embarrassed if you walked in on Him, but because he wouldn't want you to become embarrassed. He's cool like that.

God - We appreciate Your help. But please stop meddling in our door-related affairs.

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