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The Real Winners From The 2015 Grammy Awards

Only one award show has all the stars, all the glamour, and all the grandma’s. Here’s who took whom the trophies.

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Best New Grandma

Getty Images/Purestock Purestock

Jocelyn Nowick, Syracuse, NY. No surprise here–Jocelyn just became a grandmother two months ago and she’s already one of the best. Her hand-knit baby blankets are a huge hit among her church group.

Best Spoken Words From A Grandma - "I love you."

Getty Images/iStockphoto Ridofranz

Betsy Siegel, Fairfield, OH. These classics words are always appreciated when spoken by a grandma. Fans of grand-maternal affection say Betsy's spin on the words (putting the emphasis on “I”) made her a lock in this competitive category.


Best Latin Grandma

Getty Images Jack Hollingsworth

Elbertina Ruiz, Gadsden, AZ. This marks the 4th consecutive win for Elbertina in this category. “This one is for my grandkids,” said the beloved matriarch in her emotional acceptance speech.

The Adeline Utley Lifetime Achievement Award

Getty Images/iStockphoto uuurska

Ruth Bartosik, Alton, VA. Despite being a grandmother six times over, Ruth had never won a Grammy. That changed tonight when she was recognized by other top grandmas and grandma-business insiders. Like all the winners and nominees, Ruth was rushed home right after the ceremony so she could be in bed by 7.

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