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15 Characters Most Likely To Die Next Season On Game Of Thrones

In Game of Thrones, as in life, no one is safe. As war wages and winter rages, the next to kick the bucket is unpredictable. But let's try to predict anyway. Who's next?

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13. Aerith Gainsborough of House Gainsborg

We start with one of the youngest entries on the list, because eventually, Game of Thrones will have to start killing off its youngest denizens, regardless of whether they reach maturity or not.

While she may not receive as much character development as some of her teenaged counterparts, you always have to worry about the brooding, quiet ones.

Expect Aerith's death to be swift and unexpected. It won't be during the heat of a battle, but in a quieter moment, like her praying in the castle's chapel, for instance.

12. Mallorie "Mal" Cobb of House Miles

It's weird that in a show full of whispered, low-register British talkers, I find Mal's accent to be the most unintelligible. I'm not usually one to throw this opinion around lightly, but geez, is there any Game of Thrones character you can think of that deserves to die more than this meddlesome harpy?

At various times, she's been called the ruiner of heists, the spoiler of dreams, and the buzzkill of landing parties, and soon she'll be called the most justified death on the hit HBO show so far. I'm really hoping that with the character's suicidal tendencies, she just offs herself anyway, but they take up at least half the fifth season with a sort of murder mystery, where everyone could safely be framed for the death of Mal. But in the end, everyone just agrees that we're all better off without her anyway. I mean, after all, winter is coming, and if there's one thing we know Mal can derail more than anything, it's a retreat to a fancy ski lodge.

11. Jay Pritchett of House O'Neill

I admit that I don't have much more evidence to go on other than the fact that Pritchett is like one of the oldest characters on the show.

He's seen his fair share of wars, and he's raised two separate families: the Bundies to the north, the Pritchetts to the west. On top of that, besides Cersei Lannister, Jay has one of the most insufferable wives on the show. If stress and old age don't catch up to this geezer, then his spry young wife certainly will make him meet his maker.

Plus, Pritchett's really only good for a one-liner here and there, and we already have Tyrion Lannister to fulfill that role. Despite a rough exterior, we see an soft spot and because of that connection to the audience, we know those characters don't last long in Westeros.

10. Noah Calhoun & Allie Hamilton of House Sparks

Despite their relationship most closely relating to the series title of "Ice & Fire", Noah and Allie just aren't a compelling love story. I mean, she doesn't even bother to remember it, why should we?

I predict that they ship Noah off to rebuild the Wall by himself (he's good with his hands) and while he's away Allie will go off and marry someone else, as she is wont to do, and upon Noah's return halfway through the season, they'll sleep together and Allie's husband will kill them both in a jealous rage. Unless he falls out of the window of a tower. I mean, that tends to happen sometimes.

9. Marcellus Wallace of House Tarantino

It sucks to say good-bye to one of the most beloved and pretty much the only black character in all of Game of Thrones, but it's why it makes him a prime candidate for the Reaper.

Add to that the fact that Wallace's soul, encased in a block of ice, is so constantly in the hands of other people, Wallace may get traded up to save another's life faster than you can believe it. I'm sad it didn't happen in the fourth season, but I'll certainly say that in the fifth, his ass goes down.

8. King Boo of the Mushroom Kingdom

Even while the Mushroom Kingdom's forces are far from mobile, the threat of someone who already calls himself "King" is certainly a threat for any of the Five Kings (or is it Seven?)

But I mean, the bigger question is can a character who is already a ghost die? I actually don't know. But don't count out the unpredictability factor here. We don't know much about the Faith of the Seven, or the God of Death for that matter, so it's all up in the air, even for a character as loveable as King Boo.

7. Artax of Fantasia

Animal deaths on Game of Thrones are few and far between, which is what would make this one especially shocking. Sure, you have that one horse that gets decapitated, but that's just a horse.

Not Artax. We've gotten to love Artax as if he were a direwolf. And like I said, we're so rarely subjected to the deaths of animal characters, that this one will certainly be so depressing when it inevitably happens, that it will be drowning in a Swamp of Sadness.

5. Dr. Gregory House of House House

He already faked his death once, but there's so many people out there who want him dead for real, that as soon as "The Mad Doctor" rears his ugly head again, he will most likely meet his Maker. With his conscience in James Wilson succumbing and joining the other Dead Poets, House is a free agent and free roaming.

With his extensive knowledge of medicine and human psychology, he is a dangerous liability to be kept alive and while it's plausible that one side will keep him alive to destroy another side, it is far more likely that The Mad Doctor will give everyone a common enemy to unite against for at least a couple of episodes or more. House has always enjoyed pulling the strings on those around him, but he doesn't realize that all those strings are burning.

4. Dr. Bernard Merrick of House Bean

Speaking of Doctors, I can't help but feel like they have it in for this guy. Calm, cool, collected, and far smarter than anyone else on the Iron Islands, it feels like his eventual voyage across the sea will lead to his death, and most likely a gruesome one at that. A gruesome, graphic death, probably concluding the season.

3. Agent 006, Alec Trevelyan of House Bean

If not Merrick, then it stands to reason that "The Two-Faced One" may face his comeuppance soon enough. A liar and manipulator, Trevelyan orchestrated many of the deaths and instigated many of the wars throughout the previous seasons.

He's incredibly durable though, as we've already seen, and nothing short of an entire structure falling on him will kill him. But that's exactly how he goes. Get ready for it, folks.

2. Steward-Prince Boromir of House Bean

Guys, stick with me on this. I really think House Bean is cursed. Mark my words, the Steward-Prince has no claim to the throne, but he is a marked man nonetheless. He is on a fool's errand to retrieve the power of something he doesn't understand, and he will end up paying the price for his hubris and ulterior motives. It may come later for everyone to hate him more, but don't be surprised if they manage to pull of a moment's worth of redemption right at the very end.

1. Draco of House Dragonheart

He has stated many times throughout the series that he is the LAST ONE. Draco is a proud and noble dragon, and you see where proud and noble characters end up. The same place lowdown, despicable characters end up. Dead.

Plus, who wouldn't want the honor of killing the very last dragon in all the Seven Kingdoms? Good-bye, Draco. It's been a blast.

Well, that's it, folks. Thoughts?

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