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    • samueljosephm

      I still need to have someone explain to me whyadongle joke is sexist. Nobody has. The internet is currently littered with articles stating that she hadaright to be offended and that justice was done, and then usually saying the way she went about it was wrong (hopefully). But nobody seems to be asking this question, is the answer just that obvious? What’s sexist aboutapenis joke? Is the very mention of male genitalia sexist? Is it because it’s notavagina? Is it because it’s sexual, and women can’t be around sexual jokes?
      Idefinitely feel sorry for this guy,Icould see myself making silly jokes like this with my guy and girl friends, and all of them would be fine with it. Women make jokes like this more than they perhaps think. Adria herself had madeajoke about penisesafew days earlier on her twitter. Why was that okay? Because this isaconference, any mention ofapenis is automatically sexism?
      Ialso agree with the position of her company, that the way she dealt with her offense was ridiculous.

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