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    14 Awesome Outdoor Rooftop Bars And Restaurants In Paris

    Whether just visiting or looking for a reason to escape your tiny chambre de bonne for a few hours, live the high life throughout Paris by enjoying captivating views of the city's signature landmarks while you stare down into the windows of inferior, terrace-less structures contemplating the next move through your quarter/mid-life crisis.

    1. La Terrasse at Hôtel Raphael

    2. 43 Up On the Roof

    3. Le Georges (at the Pompidou)

    4. La Terrasse des Galeries Lafayette

    5. Le Perchoir

    6. The 7th at Terrass Hôtel

    7. Les Ombres

    8. Nüba

    9. Le Zyriab by Noura

    10. Maison Blanche

    11. Café Richelieu

    12. Terrasse Kluger at Cinéma Etoile Lilas

    13. Déli-Cieux at Printemps

    14. Mama Shelter