15 Times Charles From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Was The Real Star Of The Show

    "If I was a unicorn, I'd never be angry."

    1. When squash brought out his competitive side:

    2. When he decided that dancing with the criminals was a good thing for a detective to do:

    3. The time he pulled off a women's suit better than Amy Santiago:

    4. When his word choices were a little questionable:

    5. When surprising Captain Holt at the cash machine did not come off as a friendly gesture:

    6. When he found Capt. Holt's missing dog... kinda:

    7. When the stress got the better of him and he said things he regretted:

    8. The time he handled a breakup and looked like Keanu Reeves from The Matrix:

    9. When he boasted about being the "bubbleweight champion":

    10. When he enjoyed singing along to Oliver!:

    11. When his self-esteem reached a new high and he made sure everyone knew it:

    12. When he wasn't shy about his relationships, even those including hip replacements:

    13. The time he celebrated cleaning up after a cooking explosion:

    14. The time he knew exactly how to subtly get out of an awkward situation:

    15. And finally, when Terry had to help him pee after his injury:

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