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10 Things People Need To Stop Instagramming

JUST STOP! Stop instagramming bad pictures and start taking good ones with the Samsung GALAXY Camera.

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1. Coffee Cups

Repeat after us: Coffee is for drinking, not for instagramming.

2. Nail Art

I love what you've done with your nails. Said no one ever.

3. Food

Your fine dining options are ever so inspiring.

4. Self shots

It's scientifically proven that self shots just make you look silly.

6. Clouds

Clouds. So fluffy, so ephemeral, so boring.

7. Eyes

So you're a cyclops. No need to rub it in our faces.

8. Shoes

So you don't have to walk barefoot. Big deal.

9. Plane wings

We get it, your plane has wings and you're going on vacation without us. Thanks bro.

10. Duck Face

Seriously, just stop.

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