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The Best 12 Animal Photobombs Of The Modern Era

These animals simply do not care if they're ruining your shot or interrupting your view. For guaranteed uninterrupted viewing of your main screen, turn to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

1. Jerry, who is lurking to the right.

2. Mr. Mittens got here just in time!

3. Princess is going to lick the baby in 3, 2, 1...

4. Tori, Ricky, and Kerri don't care if you were trying to get a wide shot.

5. Molly is here to ruin your garden shot.

6. Harold wants to make sure you have no idea what you were trying to photograph in the first place.

7. Derek, the rogue pug.

8. Frankie needs your attention now.

9. Dinky doesn't care if you're watching the news.

10. And Opal doesn't care if you're reporting the news, either.

11. Bella, the sneering giraffe.

12. Finally, Sam, who is too busy walking to care about your precious photo.

The Edge of the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge allows you to take calls, read messages, or even get the weather without interrupting what's happening on your main screen.