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11 Technology Phases We Thought Would Last Forever

It's a lot easier to let go of things and move on than you think. Take, for example, all these things we thought would last forever...

1. Using tape players to record songs off the radio.

2. Carrying CD players around hoping not to scratch your CDs.

3. Video players and having to rewind things.

4. Giant Cabinet TVs.

5. Having a virtual pet and trying to keep it alive.

6. Keeping a map book in the car...

Whoever was riding shotgun had to actually help navigate as there was no way of knowing how to get there without using a road map and there was no smartphone to keep you occupied anyway.

7. ...or printing out maps from the early days of the internet.

8. Phone books.

9. Having to wait to get your photos back from a developer.

10. Having to keep or play video games all through the night because there was no way to save your progress.

11. Rotary dial phones and phones with cords.

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