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10 Of The Best Dimly Lit Bars That Are Really Hard To Take Photos In

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1. Eau-de-Vie – Melbourne

Courtesy of Eau de Vie

If you like drinking whiskey in hidden rooms behind bookcases and love cheese, definitely check out Eau-de-Vie. Not only do they do an amazing cheese selection (which they also pair with different whiskeys), but they also have an amazing dégustation table giving you a five-course experience.

2. Ching-a-Lings – Sydney

Chingalings / Via

Located on Sydney's world-famous Oxford St, Ching-a-Lings is the place to be for a laid-back rooftop drink or a bit of a dance later in the night, with some amazing local DJs popping in every week. And if you’re lucky, you might even score a free snag on a Sunday at the monthly BBQ they put on.

3. Wolf Lane – Perth

Wolf Lane / Via Facebook: wolflaneperth

If you're looking for a little New York in Perth, then you should seek out Wolf Lane. With exposed bricks and a cool eclectic setting, plus really friendly bartenders, it's worth the hunt to find this secret spot that's not so secret anymore.

4. Maybe Mae – Adelaide

Maybe Mae / Via Facebook: 476220975850155

Here's a tip: Maybe Mae's doors are a little hidden, just in case you miss it the first walk past. Once you're inside, pull up a seat in the friendly atmosphere and check out their seasonal changing cocktails that are amazing.

5. Blind Tiger – Brisbane

Blind Tiger Bar / Via Facebook: Blindtigerbulimba

Taking the tradition to exhibit animal curiosities from the speakeasies of a bygone era, Blind Tiger is a great spot to check out in Bulimba, Brisbane, with its huge range of whiskey and a cocktail menu that also pays homage to Prohibition days.

6. Palmer & Co – Sydney

Palmer & Co / Via Facebook: palmerandcosydney

Located underground, Palmer & Co is a true tribute to the 1920s and the bootlegging heroes of the day. Not only will the cocktails make you feel like you've been transported back to the 1920s, but the bar staff helps with the illusion too as the men dress dapper and the ladies dress in the flapper style of the era.

7. Bobèche – Perth

Courtesy of Bobeche

Bobèche transports you back to a little French speakeasy, right in the middle of Perth. Not only does it remind you of a classic speakeasy that you have to find, but they're all about perfecting the classic cocktails from that era too.

8. Shady Pines Saloon – Sydney

Edwin Hughan

Hidden away just off Sydney's Oxford St, you'd be forgiven for walking right past Shady Pines Saloon. But once you've been, with its laid-back country western vibe, you'll always want to go back. Not to mention the never-ending supply of peanuts as you drink from their cocktail and whiskey lists. Or even the live country music that happens on occasion.

9. Death Valley – Brisbane

What do you get when you combine a bar that's all about specialty beers and a record label? You get Death Valley. Yup, they're a record label too. With 10 taps and rad pinball machines, you'll want to pop in for a schooner.

10. Uncle Ming's – Sydney

Courtesy of Uncle Ming's / Via!gallery/wqngm

Ever feel like a cocktail and some dumplings in a quiet, relaxing setting? Well, Uncle Ming's is the best spot for that. Inspired by opium dens of Asia, this cocktail and dumpling bar also offers a wide range of Japanese whiskey too. There's also a really interesting legend as to who the real "Uncle Ming" is.

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