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12 Animals Who Are Ready For Technology

Let's face it: Technology makes all of our lives better. And with features for every facet of life, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung technology at its finest.

1. What this dog really wants is to be able to take wide-angle selfies:

2. This bunny wants to get online to check what movies are showing:

3. This owl thinks she'd do a pretty neat job with a stylus pen:

4. Maybe this sloth could get motivated if he had some kind of fitness app on his phone:

5. If dodos had dating apps maybe they wouldn't have become extinct.

Poor dodos :(

6. This koala would stop missing all his appointments if he had an alarm clock:

Like, one where you can set multiple alarms.

7. This clownfish wants to start recording her comedy podcasts, but on what?:

8. This joey would be less bored in the pouch if his mum would let him listen to music:

9. This mouse wishes it had GPS so it could track and avoid the cat:

10. And this cat wants GPS so she can find the mice:

11. This parrot could express gratitude if she had some online translation assistance:

12. And this dog is absolutely ready for a smartphone now:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is packed with incredible features, like multi-window functionality for multitasking gurus, wide selfie mode for the ultimate selfie, and much more!