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11 Signs You Might Need To Let Go Of Something

It's tough to let go of an old phone, but sometimes it's for the better.

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1. When you have to start faking how much fun you're having.

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2. When it stops you from moving forward...


Letting go helps us move on easier. Even through doggie doors.

3. ...or scaring you from trying new things...

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4. ...blinding you to the million other possibilities out there in the world.

5. When it just keeps coming back to hurt you...

6. ...especially when you try to care for it and it hurts you even more.

7. When it tries to control you...

8. ...and makes you look silly.


9. When it leaves you in tears...


10. ...and a tad temperamental.

11. And finally when it just doesn't excite you as much as it used to.



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