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    19 Problems Only People Who Like To Go To Bed Early AF Will Understand

    Sleep on this.

    1. Hello, friends. You know who you are. You're vibrant! You're young! You're full of joie de vivre! like to be in bed really, really early.

    2. Let's start with the basics: Your definition of "early" is different than other people's. While for some midnight might be a good bedtime, realistically you're aiming for 10, or even better, 9.

    3. Obviously, you're not fun to be around when you're out late. Some might even say you're cantankerous.

    4. And really, all you can do is watch your clock and count the precious minutes that you could be sleeping tick by.

    5. So in your head, you start to calculate the earliest you can possibly leave without seeming totally awful.

    6. In the past, you used to be an artiste when it came to making creative excuses to get out of social situations that were running late.

    7. But now you're a seasoned veteran, so you really DGAF — you just get the hell out of there.

    8. So of course you're a BIG fan of the good old-fashioned Irish exit.

    9. That means at this point your friends know better than to expect you to stay out very late with them.

    10. And you laugh whenever someone texts you to make plans or invites you to a Facebook event that starts past 10.

    11. Also, you really don't care when your friends make fun of you for ducking out early or not showing up at all.

    12. And you're PROBABLY known as the "mom" or "grandma" of your friend group.

    13. Because really, what good is there in being out late? NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS.

    14. A club? Drinks? Dancing? Lots of people? NOPE! NONE OF IT!

    15. You really question the sanity of your friends who DO like going out and staying out late. Are they crazy?!

    16. Because really, nothing is more important than getting your crucial eight hours of sleep.

    17. And in addition to all that sleep, you'd rather be enjoying a book or your favorite show on Netflix before you hit the hay (very early, of course).

    18. Not to mention the fact that unlike the rest of your friends, you wake up REFRESHED and REJUVENATED in the morning, ready to take on the day.

    19. Here's to going to bed early, AND BEING PROUD OF IT.