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    Posted on Mar 3, 2016

    Jennifer Lopez Was So Shady When She Commented On Her Alleged Feud With Mariah Carey

    "She's forgetful, I guess."

    On Thursday, pop star and ageless queen Jennifer Lopez stopped by Wendy Williams' talk show to discuss, amongst other things, her new Las Vegas show:

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    In the interview, Lopez says she "went and saw a bunch of shows" before she even signed on to her Vegas residency — but skipped out on one notable show, Mariah Carey's.

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    Williams didn't let Lopez's comment pass, and immediately brought up the duo's reported long-running feud:

    Talk WW Productions

    Yeah, THIS infamous Mariah quote is what Wendy is referencing.

    Lopez then tried to squash any reported feud, but threw in a little shade in the process...

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    ...but really, this look on her face says it ALL:

    Talk WW Productions

    Stay sassy and classy, ladies.


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