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28 Signs Your In-N-Out Addiction Is Out Of Control

When in doubt, In-N-Out.

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1. You seriously judge anyone who doesn't order their burger Animal Style.

2. Same goes for anyone who order their fries plain. THEY HAVE TO BE ANIMAL STYLE TOO.


4. Also the ACTUAL Secret Menu. That one is committed to your memory too.

6. ...only to say, "Screw it all," and then order the Neapolitan shake.


8. You've eaten at In-N-Out even when you weren't really that hungry. At all. But you made room, anyway.

10. You also have your local, go-to In-N-Out. It's basically like a second home to you.

11. Which means the friendly, happy, AMAZING servers are like your second family. You probably know their names, and they probably know yours.


12. And you're just OBSESSED with the In-N-Out hats. There really is no better accessory. True high fashion, amiright?!?!

14. And you would ALWAYS choose In-N-Out over some fancy-schmancy, gourmet "artisanal" burger. Why go snobby if you don't have to?

15. The smell of a burger and fries from In-N-Out is more alluring than any fine department store fragrance. Fries before Chanel No. 5.


16. You would pretty much put the special sauce on EVERYTHING if you could. And you'd have no shame about it. It's like a condiment for your soul.

17. Nothing is more agonizing than the wait for your number to be called...

18. ...and you've definitely nearly tripped and fallen over from rushing to get your food when your number WAS called.

19. The idea of moving somewhere where there ISN'T In-N-Out actually sounds appalling to you. Like, you wouldn't even consider it.


21. And In-N-Out has busted more diets than you could ever count. #SorryNotSorry

22. But if you're trying to eat "healthy" you've convinced yourself that eating a burger Protein Style is an option. WHAT? THERE'S LETTUCE!!!

23. Your idea of celebrating a special occasion is hitting up In-N-Out for a Double-Double. Animal Style, of course.


24. Nothing in the world causes you more excitement than seeing a glowing In-N-Out sign, beckoning for your stomach.

25. And you've spent an embarrassing amount of time waiting to place your order, whether it's in the restaurant or the drive-through line.

27. You've taken way too many pictures of your food at In-N-Out, but who cares. It's true love.

28. After all, you've yet to meet someone you could ever love more than an In-N-Out burger. And it's MEANT to last.

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