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    Here's A Graphic Of How Much Wedding Dresses Have Changed In A Century

    There is more than one way to walk down the aisle.

    Ah, weddings. The open bars, the DJ, the floral arrangements: WE LOVE IT ALL. But most importantly, we're here for the ICONIC dresses.

    Carl De Souza / Getty Images

    But wedding dresses haven't always looked like Princess Kate's ethereal creation. I mean, look at Princess Diana's stunning dress:

    Afp / Getty Images

    All these changing styles can be hard to keep track of!


    Lucky for us, illustrator Shireen Baker has created an incredible graphic displaying how much wedding dresses have changed each decade since the 1900s:

    Shireen Baker / Via

    Baker designed the graphic for Fairmont, a Canadian hotelier.

    Though the trends have changed drastically, one thing will always remain the same: looking HELLA stylish at your nuptials!


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