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28 Problems Every Type-A Person Will Understand

More like Type AWESOME.

1. Most of the time, you're stressed out. Actually, not being stressed makes you stressed.

2. Basically, you only have one mode for how you do everything: URGENT.

3. Being late for ANYTHING is NOT an option.

4. The speed between your phone buzzing and you responding to a text or email can only be described as superhuman.

5. Until your work, project, or assignment is completed, you will be an utter nervous wreck.

6. When people tell you to "calm down" or "just relax" it drives you INSANE.

7. And when you do try to relax, you can't even do it in a relaxed manner. Work hard, play hard, baby!

8. Weekends aren't for relaxing; they're just an opportunity to get MORE stuff done, like errands.

9. And dating is nearly impossible, because not only are you too focused on school or your career, but NO one can meet your lofty standards.

10. You have to keep your phone screen ORGANIZED and you also cannot stand the red notification bubbles.

11. And this is your nightmare.

12. Waiting in line is actually the most frustrating thing in the world.

13. Actually, just the thought of wasting even a second of time drives you INSANE.

14. Winning isn't everything to you, it's the ONLY thing.

15. Which complicates matters, because for you, everything in life is a COMPETITION.

16. You live and die by your to-do list.

17. Sometimes you will even write it on the back of your hand. What? It's PRACTICAL.

18. Also, of course, your calendar is ALWAYS full.

19. Color-coding? Yeah, that's basically second nature to you.

20. You can't just multitask; you have to MULTImultitask.

21. You ALWAYS have to be in charge of group projects.

22. It drives you INSANE when people are walking too slow in front of you.

23. Actually, you're pretty pissed that no one else can operate at the same pace as you. Ugh, peasants.

24. All-nighters are a way of life for you.

25. You literally don't know how to procrastinate.

26. Also, your body basically runs on caffeine as fuel.

27. You don't bite off more than you can chew. Because you can chew it all.

28. Yeah, being type A can be a bit stressful at times. JK, literally ALL the time.

But it's all worth it, because if life were a game, you would be WINNING it.