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24 College Majors Perfectly Described In Less Than Six Seconds

Hand all of these a diploma.

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Today I was procrastinating from writing about the Kardashians or whatever I normally do in my time at BuzzFeed when I came across a Twitter thread by @Kimmy_Buffett that had me cackling, howling, and making otherworldly noises. In the thread, she perfectly describes a slew of college majors using *JUST* an iconic Vine. Anyway, here are some of my faves.


1. Philosophy majors:

2. Accounting majors:

3. English majors:

4. Criminal justice majors:

5. Psychology majors:

6. Chemistry majors:

7. Nursing majors:

8. Premed students:

9. Animal science majors:

10. Music majors:

11. Theater majors:

12. Communication majors:

13. Prelaw students:

14. History majors:

15. PR majors:

16. Journalism majors:

17. Environmental studies majors:

18. Engineering majors:

19. Physics majors:

20. Biology majors:

21. Political science majors:

22. Beauty school students:

23. And last but certainly not least (we've all been there), undeclared students:

24. Yup, that's it:

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