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    26 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Millennials

    Are you between the ages of 18 and 34 and also causing the destruction of human society? Then come on in!

    1. When you wish Target carried this shirt in your size:

    2. When this is the state of love in 2015:

    3. When you make this critical mistake on your iPhone:

    4. When this is the way you get caught up on Game of Thrones:

    No! I just want to know how to watch tv on the tv! #tv #millennialproblems

    5. When your student loans have you like this:

    Voting student here, waiting 4 debate on youth issues like #ForeverOnlyMentioned #Millennialproblems #GlobeDebate

    6. And when you are about to order a second cocktail at the bar but Sallie Mae has you feeling like this:

    7. You, at the beginning of the month, trying to get your finances in order:

    8. And of course, what Dr. Seuss would have titled this book if he wrote it for millennials:

    9. When your phone dies in, like, two hours even though you charged it before you left the house:

    10. And this is you and your iPhone or Android in a nutshell:

    11. When this question is actually kind of reasonable:

    12. As is this one:

    What the fax? Asked my bf to send the fax for me 😂😂 #millennials #millennialproblems #wtf

    13. And this one too, because Starbucks, DUH:

    14. This, because it's almost a little TOO accurate:

    15. When you put on sunscreen so you don't end up with these weird tan lines:

    16. When you're job hunting and it seems like climbing Mount Everest would be an easier task:

    New college grad problems... #college #Millennial #career

    17. Don't have an Olympic medal? GOOD LUCK GETTING AN ENTRY-LEVEL POSITION:

    18. When one of your parents' friends you on Facebook:

    19. When your read receipts are on:

    20. When this is the last reward for participating you ever receive:

    21. And this is a more accurate version of what a college diploma should look like:

    This is what most college diplomas would look like if they were brutally honest... #millennialproblems #college

    22. When this summed up the previous generation perfectly:

    Old economy Steve. Thanks, man. #millennialproblems

    23. And this is how you stay "healthy":

    24. When this is how all your friends are like now, in a nutshell:

    25. When this is the advice you wish you received in college:

    26. And finally, when you're trying your hardest, but you're still making it up as you go:

    Anytime I open Microsoft Excel at work. #MillennialProblems