This Ocean-Themed Instagram Account Will Soothe Your Soul

    Deep breaths, and dive right in.

    The real world can be super stressful, right?

    Like, do you ever have a moment in the day — or maybe SEVERAL moments — where you just need to take a step back, pause, and relax?

    If your answer is "YES!" than do I have a treat for you: the most soothing, relaxing Instagram account ever.

    Cédric Dasesson is an Italian-based photographer who takes stunning shots of the ocean, the beach, and people who like to spend their time at either.

    If you follow him, you'll feel like you are one with Mother Nature.

    Basically, you should follow his account RIGHT NOW if you aren't already.

    His pictures depict the captivating solitude of being one with nature...

    ...and the stunning visuals that are all around us on Mother Earth.

    Dasesson's photography is marked by deep, mesmerizing blues...

    ...that are often contrasted with the brilliant light of the sun.

    Honestly, how are these pictures even real?

    Feeling calmer yet?

    I know I am.

    Actually, I think it's about time to hit the beach...

    ...and dive right into the water!


    Be sure to follow Dasesson on Instagram and check out more of his work here.