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7 Things That Happen When You Have Brunch With Jennifer Lopez

Last week, J.Lo hosted a private listening party for her upcoming album at an oceanside restaurant in Malibu, Calif. Here's what BuzzFeed saw and heard.

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1. She played some bangers.


J.Lo played "First Love," which will serve as the second single for her yet-to-be-titled eighth studio album. The track, written and produced by Max Martin (the wiz behind many of Britney Spears' greatest hits) was a certifiable JAM. Lopez sounded flirty and fun on the song, which featured some poppy synths over a pounding beat.

Get your groove on to "First Love" here.

2. We heard another collaboration with Pitbull, and it was the booty-shaking jam you would expect AND then some.

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Lopez and Mr. Worldwide are certifiable partners in crime, and they are back at it with "Big Booty." Really, would you want anyone else singing a song by that name? The track — produced by Diplo — featured a throbbing bass beat so strong it almost knocked over one of the promo signs in the room, before J.Lo saved the day and propped it back up. J.Lo told us she originally wasn't down to sing a song with the name "Big Booty," but when she saw how much her twins enjoyed the track, she decided to record it for her album. Thank you, J.Lo's twins. You just altered the course of music history.


3. J.Lo also slowed things down.


The Bronx-born superstar's strength has always been in her pulse-pounding dance hits, but she also played some ballad-y type tracks for us too. Lopez said she worked with Sia on the album, and the slower tracks she played, "Let It Be Me" and "Never Satisfied," were a solid "thumbs-sideways" — not bad, but also not great. I would have rather heard "First Love" or "Big Booty" another time. Leave the slow jams to Adele and Beyoncé, and call up Pitbull. Give the people what they want and bring on the bangers!

4. J.Lo is really into her music.

Jesus Holguin

Whether it was a club banger or a power ballad, J.Lo was moving her arms, swaying her body, and dancing in her chair the entire time. It was hard not to do the same during "First Love" and "Big Booty." Some of the other songs, not so much. Regardless, this was NOT your typical brunch.

5. J.Lo is actually pretty cool.

We weren't really sure WHAT exactly to expect with brunch. Was Jennifer going to sing live? Would we get to talk to her? But in the end, the limited interaction we had with the star was pretty cool. Before she played her music, she took the time to speak to all the members of the media at the event (although we were summoned to her like the queen she is) and after, she posed for pictures with everyone — and yes, she was totally down for a selfie. And don't worry, I didn't bring up Gigli.

6. Ten was the magic number, but I'm still a little confused about that.

Jennifer Lopez Vevo / Via

Her upcoming studio release is her eighth studio album, except Lopez said it was her 10th overall (it is, if you count her remix and Spanish-language releases). But there's nothing wrong with the number eight! I wasn't fooled. I KNOW YOU CAN COUNT, J.LO.

Shady counting aside, rebirth seemed to be a theme for the album. She said her "topic has always been love" in a "fairytale" way, but now she knows "love is something different." So there's that, but thankfully for us, the few tracks she played demonstrated she still wants us to leave the dance floor a hot, sweaty mess.

7. There was also some food and a great view.

Brunch was held at Nikita in Malibu on the Pacific Coast Highway. The food was good, and the view was better. But really, I didn't care that much because JENNIFER LOPEZ.