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Maisie Williams Just Shared The Perfect Picture After This Week's "Game Of Thrones" Episode

A girl's Instagram game is strong.

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If you haven't seen this week's episode of Game of Thrones then get the hell out of here, because 1) your time management skills suck — you should have seen the premiere by now, and 2) THERE BE MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!


But wait, it gets even BETTER! Maisie Williams (the actress who plays Arya, DUH) just uploaded the most perfect Instagram, captioned "Hey, Frey army..." in honor of the premiere.

Instagram: @maisie_williams

Either way, a girl's Instagram game is strong! Somehow I get the feeling that Maisie might be posting some more Instagrams this season as Arya checks more names off her list...

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