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The 21 Commandments Of Going To A Catholic College

Because there are way more than 10.

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1. Thou shalt have awkward relations with members of the opposite sex. After all, you're leaving room for the Holy Spirit.

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2. Thou shalt both be gloriously excited to be freed from Catholic school uniforms, and also strangely miss them.

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3. Thou shalt put the "Christ" back in "Christmas," but also be just sacrilegious enough to attend many ugly sweater parties.

4. Thou shalt be pals with at least one priest or nun.

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5. Thou shalt be able to drink copious amounts of beer, because to college students it is the holiest of spirits.

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6. Thou shalt plan your entire weekend schedule around attending Mass on Sunday.

7. Thou shalt always remember who the HBIC (Head Bro In Charge) is.

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8. Thou shalt go on a retreat. Actually, many of them.

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9. Thou shalt give up something important for Lent, like Facebook. Be sure to brag about it.

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10. Thou shalt be really, really invested in sports. Addicted, even.

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11. Thou shalt either strive for a ring by spring, or hold those who do in utter contempt.

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12. Thou shalt subsist on a diet of grilled cheese, pizza, and PB&J on Fridays during Lent, and thou shalt love every bite.

13. Thou shalt go hard on St. Paddy's Day. It is a religious holiday, after all.

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14. Thou shalt visit the Big House if thou studieth abroad in Europe.

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15. Thou shalt have an entire wardrobe of custom T-shirts from all the retreats, games, and campus events you attend.

16. Thou shalt have a very specific taste in music and movies. Love Actually, Taylor Swift, Friends, and Celtic Rock are usually good bets.

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17. Thou shalt develop a very specific sense of style. North Face, Sperrys, sweatpants, and Uggs are always in.

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18. Thou shalt go on a service trip, whether it is local, within the U.S., or international.

19. Thou shalt really, really love thy mother. Call her frequently. Actually, you should probably call her right now.

20. Thou shalt want to save the world in some way because you CARE.

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21. Finally, thou shalt have incredible school spirit and use every opportunity possible to brag about your college.

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