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    Sparkling Water Is The Beverage Of Royalty, And Here's Why

    Bubbles or GTFO.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the internet: It's time we had real recognize real. When it comes to quenching your literal thirst, there's only one way to go: SPARKLING WATER.

    Sparkling water aka mineral water aka fizzy water aka soda water aka club soda aka seltzer is like regular water, except BETTER. Why? Because it's got BUBBLES.

    And bubbles just make everything taste better. It's science*.

    Regular H2O is pretty cool, LBH. I mean, without it, we would all die. That much is true. But if all you are drinking is regular water... YOU NEED TO UPGRADE YOUR LIFE.

    First and foremost, the bubbles. Bubbles are amazing. They tickle your tongue, and cleanse the palette. Never underestimate bubbles.

    Sparkling water is also just classier. Flat water is the official drink of peasants. Sparkling water? Now THAT is a beverage fit for a Queen.

    Sparkling water is also the de facto drink of Europeans (well, nonalcoholic. Sort of. I'm basing this off of studying abroad in Italy). Regardless, you just seem more cultured, more refined, and more authoritative with a glass of cold sparkling water.

    Like regular water, sparkling water has ZERO calories, which is awesome, because ain't nobody got time for too much sugar. So you've got all the benefits of a soda (aka LOTS OF BUBBLES) with none of the guilt. #BLESSED

    Sparkling water also comes in some AMAZING flavors. Lemon? Lime? Berry? THERE ARE ALMOST TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM.

    Like, when you're in the checkout line at the grocery store, it probably looks something like this, right?

    And sparkling water tastes great mixed with juices...

    ...and booze, because DUH. Nobody wants a watered-down drink, but a vodka soda? NOW WE'RE TALKING.

    Basically, sparkling water is like regular water's sassier, sexier, classier cousin.

    And it's about damn time you hopped on the sparkling water bandwagon.

    *sips San Pellegrino, judges everyone who doesn't drink sparkling water.*