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    You'll Cry From Laughing At Kelly Clarkson Singing Tinder Profiles

    Well, at least we'd swipe right on her voice!

    Tinder: For many of us, swiping left and SOMETIMES right is a lifestyle and a way to (hopefully) find The One.

    But let's just say not all Tinder profiles are created equal.

    Last night, pop star Kelly Clarkson stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she turned Tinder profiles into lyrics. You need to check it out:

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    She sang about such romantics like Alvin, and his love of feet...

    ...and Bobby, who's looking for a little more immediate attention. Through her gift of song, Kelly proved a shot at love makes people say some pretty interesting things.

    Thank you, Kelly! We'd swipe right on your voice any day of the week.

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