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    Posted on Jul 25, 2017

    34 Slightly Weird Things That Happen To Your Body When You're A Swimmer

    So much chlorine.

    Martin Bureau / Getty Images

    1. Your body starts REEKING of chlorine.

    2. Like, no matter how much soap you use, no matter how much you shower...the smell just never goes away.

    3. And of course your HAIR smells like chlorine.

    4. It gets kind of crunchy and straw-like because of the chlorine.

    5. While it doesn't turn green, your hair MIGHT lighten out into this silvery-gray color because of how much time you spend in the pool.

    6. Oh, and your skin? Dry as HELL, even though you try and keep it moisturized.

    7. Suddenly, the idea of peeing in pools doesn't gross you out that much anymore.

    8. Neither does the realization that you're not the only person who is peeing in the pool.

    9. Two words: TAN. LINES.

    10. You also have gotten really, really comfortable at being around people while you're nearly naked.

    11. Like, you've forgotten that most people aren't used to walking around a pool deck in just a Speedo.

    12. You've also mastered the art of deck-changing.

    13. Speaking of changing, your body has gotten freakishly good at slipping into one of those super-tight tech suits.

    14. Like, you're probably able to put it on in a few minutes at this point which is basically a super human accomplishment.

    15. Ladies: You're basically used to hairy legs at this point.

    16. And hairy arms! It's really NBD at this point.

    17. When you DO shave (for the dudes AND ladies) your skin feels eerily smooth. EVERYWHERE. And then you're left feeling like a dolphin.

    18. Having permanent goggle marks around your eyes.

    19. And during the summer, a goggle tan.

    20. Swimmer shoulders.

    21. They make fitting into T-shirts is hard!

    22. You're constantly hungry. CONSTANTLY.

    23. Like your stomach is essentially a bottomless pit, because swimming so much makes you HUNGRY.

    24. You can balance two backpacks on your shoulders at once (one for swimming, one for school).

    25. Even though you never really LIKE it, you're able to get up at the crack of dawn (or even BEFORE) for morning practice.

    26. Like, your body will be on autopilot before you get to the pool...wake up, get in the car, change, and suddenly you're there.

    27. And if you end up accidentally swallowing a little pool water, it doesn't phase you at all.

    28. If anything, your athleticism out of the water has gotten WORSE as you spend more time as a swimmer. It's confusing, but it kind of makes sense.

    29. Did we mention chlorine hair? I guess it's worth mentioning again.

    30. You've gotten really good at adding up and subtracting times in your head (it's really a survival instinct just so your coach doesn't yell at you.)

    31. Being able to see the clock despite your goggles fogging up.

    32. Also being able to see the set on a white board with foggy goggles.

    33. But all of these things added together mean you'll feel more like a mermaid or merman than a person...

    34. ...and that means despite all the weird things that happen to your body, you LOVE being a swimmer.

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