31 Struggles That Every Teenager Will Understand

No one’s struggle is more real than yours.

1. The struggle starts right away, because you have to wake up WAY earlier for school than you would like. Like, at the crack of dawn.

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2. And then it continues at school. You probably read the Sparknotes, so you have to pretend like you actually read the book.

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3. There will also always be that one smarty pants in class who insists on being a showoff.

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4. Studying for finals: DEATH.

5. Scantron tests: More like SCAMtron tests, am I right?

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6. Studying for the SAT is exhausting, even though you DGAF.

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7. Like, you’ll probably use “YOLO” as a justification for guessing on the SAT when you don’t know the answer.

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8. Also, the internet is always distracting you from doing homework. Like, you probably should be doing homework now instead of reading this list.

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9. Then you have to worry about college applications, and they are the GOSH DARN WORST.

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10. Also, everyone gets crazy, paranoid, and competitive when college applications are due.

11. Actually, just everything about getting into college in general.

12. Mainly because just thinking about getting into college makes you scream and feel like a total failure.

13. High school sports, because they are crazy just in general.

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14. Then your social life is probably INSANE. Finding a date for prom is ALWAYS on your mind.

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15. And your romantic life? To call it an emotional roller coaster would be the understatement of the century.

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16. Not to mention it’s MAD awkward when your parents start to ask about your dating life.

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17. Finding the perfect outfit for school — and on a budget — is NOT easy.

18. You also have to deal with that one person in your friend group who no one likes.

19. You have to worry about your friends screenshotting weird/ugly Snapchats you send them.

20. Passing your driver’s license test is stressful, because you don’t want to be a dweeb who can’t drive.

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21. And you totally need to have the right phone.

22. Really, you feel naked without your cell phone.

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23. Acne and pimples can make your day a living hell.

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24. Actually, you’re probably just over puberty but your body is STILL the worst.

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25. Also, you’re always hungry. Like ALWAYS.

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26. Despite this fact, there never seems to be enough food at home OR your mom doesn’t buy food you want to eat.

27. Your parents also are constantly yelling at you to clean your room because it’s a mess.

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28. When your mom walks into your room without knocking, it drives you INSANE.

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29. When you leave the house, your parents ALWAYS bug you about where you are going and what you are doing.

30. But most of all, your parents are ALWAYS embarrassing you in public.

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31. Face it. Adults don’t get your struggle OR how awesome you are. But you’re still a survivor and NO ONE can take that away from you.

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