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26 Struggles Only People Who Are Constantly Hungry Will Understand

You want your cake so you can eat it too.

1. First of all, the struggle never ends, because your stomach is a bottomless pit.

2. While normal people have emotions like "happiness" and "sadness," you only feel "hungry" and "really hungry."

3. Hungry + anger = HANGRY, the worst emotion of them all.

4. When you go out drinking with your friends, you're just worried about where you are going to get drunk food.

5. And really, your idea of a fun Friday night is going to your favorite restaurant.

6. Waiting for food at a restaurant can only be described as complete and utter agony.

7. Your heart breaks when the waiter brings out food, only to walk past you to serve it to another table.

8. If someone else's food comes first, you have to wait and watch them eat. It is basically torture.

9. But the worst is when your food comes first, and you are expected to sit and wait until everyone else's food arrives.

10. Once you are allowed to eat, there is absolutely no chance you will eat like a polite, civilized human.

11. You’re annoyed at people who stop to take pictures of their food, because that is time wasted they could have spent on eating.

12. Also, when people try to talk to you while you are eating, you want to SCREAM. Eating > talking, ALWAYS.

13. Some people need their morning coffee to get their day started. You, on the other hand, need breakfast.

14. The hour before lunch is basically the longest hour of your life.

15. Eating lunch is great, but you just KNOW you're going to be hungry again in an hour or two.

16. When you go on a date, you're more interested in dinner than the person sitting across from you.

17. Your appetite has a reputation with friends and family. You would care, but you're too busy trying to find food.

18. You probably like food more than you like people.

19. After all, food never lets you down. People do.

20. It sometimes is awkward when you have to ask someone if they are going to finish what they're eating...

21. But whatever, you're gonna do it anyway. You WANT that food.

22. Also, you will fight to the death for that last slice of pizza. AS IF someone else was going to claim it.

23. Grocery shopping is a struggle, because you want it ALL.

24. Like, if you don't make a shopping list and stick to it, you're going to leave with WAY more than you need.

25. And finally, the amount of food you eat normally would be considered embarrassing...

26. ...But honestly, you're too busy stuffing your face to care.