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24 Things Every Hardcore Starbucks Addict Knows To Be True

Sip on this.

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1. You know there's a big difference between being late for something and being late for something because you were at Starbucks.


And you've been guilty of the latter more times than you care to admit: "Sorry I'm late! But the line was out the door at Starbucks and this one woman had an order for like 12 people."


4. You've also developed enough of a relationship with your baristas that they'll upgrade your order or make sure that you're getting the freshest coffee to drink.

Face it, you see them more often than your siblings.

5. When you're forced to order coffee from somewhere that isn't Starbucks, you've definitely made the mistake of ordering something as "tall," "grande," or "venti."

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Having to order in sizes like "small," "medium," and "large" is so pedestrian.

6. You know that *REAL* Starbucks addicts aren't the type of people who get excited for frivolous syrupy seasonal drinks like Pumpkin Spice Lattes...

Let the basics drink the seasonal drinks!

7. ...but you ALSO get irrationally excited when the store gets decked out for the holidays.

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Nothing gets you more into the Christmas spirit than seeing the store dressed up like a winter wonderland.


12. And you know the only thing worse than ordering a tall at Starbucks is ordering a Frappuccino, because Frappuccinos are for middle schoolers and Britney Spears.

13. Nothing in the world annoys you more than when someone can't grasp the concept that a "tall" is in fact the smallest standard beverage size on the menu.

15. Whenever you're on a road trip, you map out where you're stopping for Starbucks ahead of time.


"FYI: I am letting everyone know we need to detour for like 20 minutes in order to get to the nearest Starbucks."


18. Even if you own a coffee machine or there is one at work, you STILL need to make a daily trip to the promised land (aka Starbucks)...


Let's face it, nothing tastes as good or as satisfying as having your barista pour you a fresh cup of your favorite drink.


22. It doesn't faze you when the area with milk and sugar needs to be restocked, because you know all the goodies are underneath the counter.


Or if you're tight with the baristas, they'll quickly get you what you need without you even asking them.