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Seth Rogen Shaved And Suddenly Is Really Hot And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Just trust me on this one.

2018 truly has been a bonkers year for news. Giant cow? Sure, why not. Ariana Grande getting engaged to Pete Davidson, then breaking up with him over the course of a single summer? Got it! At this point, almost NOTHING surprises me anymore. That's the type of year it's been!

But today, something happened that shocked even me. I came across a picture of Seth Rogen — yes, THAT Seth Rogen — and he was REALLY, REALLY HOT. Let's break down this wild development.

First of all, let's get one thing straight. Seth Rogen has always been attractive. Handsome, even. The sense of humor, the glasses, the goofy smile — it all WORKED. If anything, I took issue with the beard — it sort of screamed "Straight guy who would argue about different types of IPAs with you." Sorry!

But what if I told you that Seth SHAVED his beard, and for quite possibly the first time in the recorded history of hot men, he looks BETTER without facial hair. It sounds too crazy to be true, I know. BUT I HAVE EVIDENCE!!!

Ladies and gays, I present to you a shaved Seth Rogen.

Seeing him without his signature beard is alarming at first. But when you give your brain time to process, it strangely WORKS. The hair looks a bit tidier, you can see all of his facial features clearer, and most import of all, that jawline is SOME VERY IMPORTANT NEW INFORMATION.

Yeah, I think we're going to need to take a closer look at that jawline. Because it's IMPORTANT. Computer, enhance!

My my my, what do we have here? The hint of stubble, the defined jaw, the pronounced chin. Yes, we're HERE for it.

Anyways, I can't believe I just felt those feelings, but the heart wants what it wants! Sexy Shaved Seth Rogen, WELCOME TO 2018!!! And keep it up PLEASE.