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22 Questions Every Runner Has Asked Themselves

"How much longer?"

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1. "Should I go running today?"

When have you ever said no?

2. "What should I wear on my run?"

Something FIERCE.

3. "Should I poop before I run?"

You better make the best bowel decision.

4. "OMG nooooo is that a cramp coming on?"

*Dies, but not actually.*
Gabriel Bouys / Getty Images

*Dies, but not actually.*

5. "Ughhhhh how much further do I have to run?"


Further. Duh.

6. "What, I've only been running for 15 minutes?"


I'm moving fast, but time is moving slow...

7. "Wait, should I get new running shoes?"

Treat. Yo. Self.

8. "Why do I feel like crap today?"

Gotta push through it!

9. "Can I squeeze in a run today?"


You already know the answer to this question.

10. "Wow I'm going to stuff myself silly after this run, aren't I?"

The limit does not exist.

11. "Why am I so sweaty?"

Actually, you don't sweat, you glisten.

12. "Why do my feet look so gross?"

They will never be pretty again :(

13. "How bad do I smell?"

Do you REALLY want to know?

14. "Where should I shoot my snot rocket?"


Not AT anyone, that's for damn sure!

15. "How do I get this water in my mouth without spilling it all over myself?"

Chris Kleponis / Getty Images


16. "What route should I take today?"

The one that will give you the greatest runner's high!

17. "OMG is that total hottie checking me out? How gross do I look?"

Probably not, and VERY.

18. "Blood???"

It happens! Get a Band-Aid and just keep running!

19. "Did I just pull something?"

Or am I just being dramatic?
Paul Gilham / Getty Images

Or am I just being dramatic?

20. "Snow? Should I skip my run today?"

The cold never bothered you anyway!

21. "Will that person in front of me get out of the WAY?"

Just run around them, even though you know you wish you could run them over.

22. "Can't stop? WON'T STOP."

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