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22 Questions Every Runner Has Asked Themselves

"How much longer?"

1. "Should I go running today?"

2. "What should I wear on my run?"

3. "Should I poop before I run?"

You better make the best bowel decision.

4. "OMG nooooo is that a cramp coming on?"

5. "Ughhhhh how much further do I have to run?"

6. "What, I've only been running for 15 minutes?"

7. "Wait, should I get new running shoes?"

8. "Why do I feel like crap today?"

9. "Can I squeeze in a run today?"

10. "Wow I'm going to stuff myself silly after this run, aren't I?"

11. "Why am I so sweaty?"

12. "Why do my feet look so gross?"

13. "How bad do I smell?"

14. "Where should I shoot my snot rocket?"

15. "How do I get this water in my mouth without spilling it all over myself?"

16. "What route should I take today?"

17. "OMG is that total hottie checking me out? How gross do I look?"

18. "Blood???"

19. "Did I just pull something?"

20. "Snow? Should I skip my run today?"

21. "Will that person in front of me get out of the WAY?"

22. "Can't stop? WON'T STOP."