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    24 Reasons Moms Are The Closest Thing We Have To Real-Life Superheroes

    Her secret identity is finally revealed.

    1. She always takes care of you when you are sick with her lightning-fast mom skills.

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    2. Just like a superhero, she's the one person you can count on to pick you up when you were down.

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    3. Her ability to embarrass you is uncannily alarming, but also kind of funny.

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    4. And sometimes, she tries to be cool. It's not one of her superpowers, but you still love her anyway.

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    5. But mostly, she's just a badass. Make that a super badass.

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    6. Sometimes, the truth hurts. But moms are never afraid to dole out the pain.

    7. Think about how she always drives you around in her supermobile. Actually, it probably was just a minivan, but still.

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    8. That's because she's always been your biggest cheerleader, and has been screaming for you with her sonic-powered voice since Day One.

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    9. The strength of her warm hugs can only be described as superhuman.

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    10. You may not always get your way, but that's because she always has your best interests at heart.

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    Fox TV

    11. Her superhuman patience may often be tested, but she will always love you unconditionally. Always.

    12. All those awesome family vacations? Mom didn’t just take you on them, she had to plan them in her secret lair, too.

    13. Your own super hero costume (JK, your everyday outfits)? Yup, mom had to pass on her superb sense of style to you.

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    14. Your amazing looks? They didn't just happen by accident. Those also came from mom, too.

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    15. Like a superhero, she always has advice that you don't pay much attention to at the time but make so much sense later on.

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    16. She also puts up with your bullshit, which is a superhuman feat in and of itself.

    17. She'll always answer your calls for help, or at least your phone calls when you need someone to listen to you.

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    18. Think of all those amazing meals she's cooked through the years. Truly amazing — or super, is more like it.

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    19. She knows exactly what you like, and sometimes will even surprise you with treats. How much more super can you get?

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    20. Whether you want to admit it or not, mom is always right. She delivers truth and justice like it's her job. Well, it is.

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    21. Friends and S.O.'s may come and go, but mom will always be there — for life. She's the hero you can always count on.

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    22. She's the best listener there is. That may be her greatest superpower.

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    23. Really, she's always got your back — like a true hero should.

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    24. And honestly, where do you think you got YOUR super powers from? Your mom, of course.

    Sorry moms, the secret is out. We've discovered your secret identities. Happy Mother's Day!

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