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26 Questions You Already Know The Answer To

Why do you even bother asking?

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1. "Should I be stalking this person so much on social media?"

NBC Universal / Via

2. "Can I use this milk even though it expired two days ago?"

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

3. "Should I watch 'The Bachelor' or something more high-brow?"

4. "Should I keep drinking Two-Buck Chuck or upgrade to the good stuff?"

Bravo / Via

5. "Should I wear sweatpants to go grocery shopping?"

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

6. "Can I leave to go to the bathroom during this meeting or should I hold it in?"


7. "Should I make out with this stranger at the bar?"

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8. "Should I figure out how to maturely handle my finances or keep winging it?"

Paramount Pictures / Via

9. "Is it maybe time to take a shower?"

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

10. "Should I order the salad or the cheeseburger?"

Carl's Junior / Via

11. "Should I leave for work with time to spare or at the last possible minute?"

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

12. "Do I order the guacamole even though it costs extra?"

Flickr: stevendepolo / Creative Commons

13. "How much should I have to drink at this company party?"

Touchstone Pictures / Via

14. "Should I go to the gym today?"

15. "Should I have that last slice of pizza?"

16. "It's 2 a.m. Should I have one last drink before I head home?"

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17. "Can I wait another day before I wash my jeans?"

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

18. "Should I finally learn how to cook, or order in again?"

Food Network / Via

19. "Should I upload these party pictures to social media?"

E! Television / Via

20. "Another episode on Netflix sounds good, right?"

Netflix / Via

21. "My gas light just went on. Can I wait until later to fill up my tank?"

Universal Pictures / Via

22. "Is it appropriate to tweet this random thought that just came into my head?"

Paramount Pictures / Via

23. "Should I finally learn how to parallel park?"

24. "Should I read up on political issues or vote for the guy with the cooler name?"

John Gurzinski / Getty Images

25. "Should I order a beer, or a girly drink?"

ABC Studios / Via

26. "How little sleep can I get without totally dying tomorrow?"

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