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    OMG, It Looks Like The Pussycat Dolls Might Be Reuniting AND Dropping New Music

    Let's make this HAPPEN.

    I'm excited to bring you some potentially good news in the never-ending Nickelback album that is the year 2017: The Pussycat Dolls *might* be reuniting, and my poor gay heart can't handle it.

    Let me state that I've been on the record since 2015 as DEMANDING a PCD reunion. And gays and gals...IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING.

    *ESPN NFL analyst voice* Here's the thing: since the group split in 2010, rumors have come and gone that Nicole Scherzinger and co. might settle their differences and reunite. But none of these rumors picked up much steam...until last week.

    That's because British tabloid The Sun reported that the girls' reunion was ACTUALLY, finally happening.

    And — *GAY GASP* — The Sun reported that the PCD weren't just coming back for a few performances. New music is allegedly on the way too!

    *TV salesman voice* BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! We've got a @pussycatdolls Instagram account hyping up the group's return...

    ...that is followed by none other than Robin Antin, the original founder of the group!

    There's also this mysterious website,, that doesn't contain much info but is emblazoned with the group's insignia.

    We're still waiting on *official* confirmation that the group is reuniting...but PLEASE let this be true.

    Let's just say my buttons are LOOSENED up for a PCD reunion. Make this happen ladies!