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19 Crazy Little Things In "The Princess Diaries" You Never Noticed Before

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4. At the beginning of the movie, Mia is tasked with defending the school dress code in debate class. This is a clever bit of ironic foreshadowing, because she goes from wanting to blend in to standing out as a teenage princess.


11. Good thing reporters discovered royalty was hiding in plain sight, because otherwise it would have been a slow news day — other top stories are a trend piece on red hair and "The Science of Sneezing."

12. Paolo's last name is Puttanesca, which is fitting. The pasta dish of the same name is called that because it was a favorite of prostitutes, or it has a lot of "shit" thrown in — and Paolo sold out Mia.


14. Does this photographer looking to get Mia's picture think he is fooling ANYONE with his grass "camouflage" he has around his camera?

17. This plot hole never was resolved: Who put the M&M's on the pizza for Michael? Mia never had time to go to the pizzeria, so did she have it delivered to her, place the candy, then relay it over? Or did she just expect the pizzeria to have chocolate lying around?


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