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What Pop Stars Looked Like In Their First Music Video

We're throwing it back...and in some cases, way, way back!

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The Rules:

1. Must be from a major commercially released studio album. That means no videos from soundtracks, no mixtapes, no promotional CDs, etc.

2. Must be a solo video where the artist is the lead credited singer. So, no Destiny's Child videos from Beyoncé, or "Feeling Myself" — that's a Nicki Minaj video.

3. Must be an official music video. No promotional videos, no lyric videos, etc.

4. Also, I didn't include anything from Cheek to Cheek because damn Gaga, we want a solo album ASAP.


2. Taylor Swift

Taylor's First Video: 2006's "Tim McGraw"

Taylor's Latest Video: 2015's "Bad Blood"

What's Next: Taylor's latest music video for "Wildest Dreams" drops Sunday night at the VMAs, where she's nominated for like a million awards. She's touring to support 1989 through the rest of 2015 too.

5. Rihanna

Rihanna's First Video: 2005's "Pon de Replay"

Rihanna's Latest Video: 2015's "Bitch Better Have My Money"

What's Next: I mean, there's supposed to be an album coming? But who knows when it's going to drop. Hell might freeze over before Rihanna drops #R8.


10. Shakira

Shakira's First Video: 1995's "Estoy Aquí"

Shakira's Most Recent Video: 2014's "Dare (La La La)"

What's Next: Shakira is voicing a gazelle in Disney's Zootopia, out next year. She'll also be singing a new song, "Try Everything", for the flick!