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23 Images That Will Hit Too Close To Home For Single People

Single and ready for a PRINGLE.

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1. When you feel personally attacked by a barrage of Facebook updates:

2. When there is way too much love in the air:

3. When Feb. 14 is pretty much always a nightmare date for you:

4. When you feel like you're the only one not in a relationship:

VH1 / Via Twitter: @avaxx03

5. When grandma is ROASTING you about your dating life:

6. And this is what you REALLY want to respond with, but you have to hold your tongue:

7. When you're super single, but recognize an opportunity:

When your crush complains about being single and you're over here like... "Hey..."

8. When you’ll go to any length to feel like you’ve got someone:

9. When someone asks, "Why are you single?" and then you hit them with this:

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @KolbyKoloff

10. When you're so single your friends consider signing you up for dating shows:

11. When your mom asks if you're seeing anyone and you wish you could flip her the bird:

12. When you see this (just wait for it):

13. When you feel like the odd man (or woman) out among your friends:

14. When you've gotten a little too good at playing third wheel:

15. When even your office isn't a safe space:

16. When going to sleep at night just means wide-open spaces:

17. So you have to resort to extraordinary measures:

18. When even vacation is a reminder that you really, truly are flying solo:

19. When New Year's Eve is a nightmare for you:

20. So you resort to this:

21. When even your social media can detect how alone you really are:

22. When you're tired of piping down and feel like you need to speak up:

23. And finally, when you think about it, you really DGAF about being single because you're fucking fantastic as is:

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