18 Moments From "The Simple Life" That Are Still Iconic To This Day

    All of this is hot.

    1. When Paris Hilton was more environmental than you wish you ever could be:

    2. When they proved they understood the English language better than anyone:

    3. When Nicole desperately needed to borrow a quarter:

    4. When Paris wasn't afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions:

    5. When they decided being broke was sexy:

    6. When they had a run-in with the law:

    7. When they were shady as hell:

    8. When Nicole put all other psychics to shame:

    9. When they were received less-than-enthusiastically at a retirement home but DGAF:

    10. When Nicole inspired us all with her words:

    11. When Paris decided being fashionable came ahead of being athletic:

    12. When Paris needed some serious help with directions:

    13. When Nicole demanded a proper fashion show:

    14. When Nicole made an important inquiry about Mexican food:

    15. And when she was in a charitable mood. Mother Teresa WISHES:

    16. When Paris took pity upon her employed friends:

    17. When Paris wasn't afraid to provide critical feedback:

    18. And finally, when Paris offered these sage words of advice to her younger housemate: