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    Praise The Lord, Trader Joe's Now Sells Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter

    Good-bye, diet.

    So, like any self-respecting human, you've probably tried Trader Joe's Cookie Butter before.

    And maybe even sampled the crunchy version, or the type with cocoa swirl. HOPEFULLY ALL THREE.

    Like many of us, you probably can't get enough, right? It's an addiction I have struggled with.

    True story: I've been chastised by my cashier for buying too much Cookie Butter. AND I AIN'T SORRY.


    But imagine my surprise when I strolled into my neighborhood TJ's this weekend, and lo and behold, I discovered COOKIES & CREME COOKIE BUTTER.

    That's right, they took their version of Oreos and ground them up into the best sweet treat ever (I should know, I've inhaled half a jar in a day.)

    That's right, it's HALF cocoa swirl and HALF of that magical white creamy filling. IS YOUR MOUTH WATERING YET?!?!


    This is America right now, celebrating the godsend that is Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter:

    Buena Vista Pictures


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