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    This Girl Matched On Tinder With An Olympic Athlete And Here's What Happened Next

    This could be us but you didn't qualify for the Olympics.

    This is Lizz Warner! She works for BuzzFeed and recently visited South Korea to cover the Winter Olympics.

    And this is Robby Franco. He's an Olympic skier who competed for Mexico.

    While Lizz was working at the Olympics, she matched with Robby on Tinder...AND THEY WENT ON A DATE.

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    And TBH, they kind of hit it off. Robby even attempted to surprise Lizz at the airport before she headed home to America (but you really need to see what happens).

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    People were kind of obsessed with the two of them! And really, who could blame them. It's like a modern day Romeo & Juliet except at the Olympics, and no one dies in the end. In fact, a Korean newspaper wrote about their date!

    Also, people were shipping them HARD on Instagram.

    But because there's no more powerful force in the universe than love (except maybe Beyoncé's work ethic) we're excited to report Robby decided to surprise Lizz with a visit on her home turf is Los Angeles!

    We know you're holding your breath, so without further ado, here's what went down:

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